Free Healthy Eating Habits Site is new diet and nutrition website that I came across recently, and what it’s basically aimed at is to help people chart out their food habits. It has got this nice (and totally free) calorie counter that anyone concerned about their eating habits will find useful. No credit card is required for registering, it’s free; and the calorie counter will help show you the nutritional contents of what you’re eating, and consequently, help you make better food choices. This kind of useful stuff can certainly promote healthy eating habits – by ringing off warning bells when you deviate from normal course, and allowing you to keep track of those calories. The website has a vast list of foods on which you can get nutritional information on, so all you have to do is to enter the stuff you’re eating and find out about it. You can also browse the list by name, and my, is it startling at times how much unhealthy stuff can be there in some normal everyday foods.

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No Blahtegorie?(i know its sponsored coz you don’t beleive in writing short posts and i think the word limit for this one would be 100 min)

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