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HT InQUIZitive 2007 Prelims

The HT InQUIZitive 2007 was held recently, and I guess you might have read my post about that. For all quizzers out there then, here’s the prelim of that Siddhartha Basu quiz, thanks to my friend Prateek Vijayavargia who came up with all the questions when I couldn’t. Boy, I wonder how he recalls that stuff.

Click here to download the prelim round question paper of the HT InQUIZitive 2007

3 replies on “HT InQUIZitive 2007 Prelims”

How can you put your copyright notice in the doc. , its hilarious actually, just because you remembered the questions does not mean you have inherited all the IP rights to it.

@Ankit: Nobody can claim copyright to quiz questions anyway. I mean, Siddhartha Basu can’t sue Derek o’ Brien if Derek uses his questions. The notice was for THIS particular form of the document, published by me. I think it’s fair enough.

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