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Times Of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2005 Archive; and the 2007 Quiz

Derek O’ Brien’s Times of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2007 was held today (30th October 2007) at Siri Forst Auditorium. I hadn’t gone for the event (I had to go for a Code Warriors’ event – as president, I thought it was my duty) – Varun, Rach, and Ankit did – but from what I hear it was shitty. Our school, DPS RKP, Mother’s International, New Era (they were the champions last year) – none of them qualified even for the stage rounds, which I heard were worse too. It seems Derek’s decided to become an MC than a quizmaster.

Anyway, it’s coming late, but here’s the Times Of India Fun-da-mental Quiz 2005 Archive for download. Again, thanks to Prateek Vijayavargia. I wonder how this guy remembers all the stuff! He’s sent in LOADS more questions, will be putting them up one-by-one soon.

4 replies on “Times Of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2005 Archive; and the 2007 Quiz”

i think ur team came 7th…
well…ours ws the youngest team..
we won an audience prize..
best banner
came 15th outta 204…jus 2 points behind ur team!!
well sgs needs to do a lot more..
we r going to science quiz tmrw..wil u be coming?

@Kabir: Yeah, I know. I didn’t go for NIE this year though, other people did. Still, you guys at SGS did well!

There had been a slight error in the file I’d put up earlier. ‘Assam’ had been given as the answer to one question, it’s Mizoram. The error has been rectified now.

Dont be sad that none of the top teams(according to you) qualified.We(Army Public School Noida) did and ended up 4th 1 point behind the second runner’s up.

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