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Exun 2007 Video

Hmm, I haven’t really written much about THE win at Exun 2007, because of all the work I had after that for Code Wars 2007. Probably, I won’t find time for quite some time either, as I need to get my academic schedule back on track. But here’s the Exun 2007 video, with Renegades of Funk by Rage Against The Machine, one of MY favourite songs, as its soundtrack. I guess the DPS RKP guys like RATM as much as I do.

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@Aditya: You know what dude? You seriously are one of the most promising geeks around, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll become Exun prez one day, continuing the JJ tradition. I get nightmares these days thinking of hordes of kids doing nothing but studying, nice to know there are sane people like you too in junior classes.

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