2008 Oscar’s : WTF Does The Jury Think?!

Proof that the movie critics have…lost it. A few years ago, the almost shunned a real good movie and gave the award to gay cowboys. Did the same this year. Here’s the full list of winners at Oscars 2008. And boy has the jury gone against public sentiment. Johnny Depp (Rach’s fave drunkard) was the front-runner for Best Actor, but didn’t win (I heaved a sigh of relief); but even Ellen Page (for Juno) was the front-runner for Best Actress by a long margin (and I was rooting for her), and they gave it to someone who was at way at the bottom of everyone’s list. The Bourne Ultimatum, quite deservedly got Best Editing.

What really shocked (and irritated) me was Best Visual Effects – which went to The Golden Compass! Huh? Come on, people, Transformers was way more deserving to get this award (among the nominees). Which brings me to my other point – the movie with THE most path-breaking visual effects, that is, 300 (yes, the same one on why exactly it rocks to be a human with a dick) wasn’t even nominated! What the f**! No doubt Transformers was good, but it was nothing ‘revolutionary’. I mean, did you know that in 300, certain scenes were hand-crafted frame-by-frame in Photoshop (on a Mac, if you must know) to match scenes in Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name?

I think the problem we have here is that the critics live in a world of their own; and whenever a movie comes out which the mainstream audience actually relishes, they just itch to chuck those out and choose something out-of-the-ordinary. Simply to prove that they’re jury members / critics, and what the public likes can’t possibly be something they like.

BTW, Woohoo! Lindsay Lohan won too, the Razzies, that is. Her I Know Who Killed Me set a Razzy record of *eight ‘wins’! Defeating the likes of established actors like Eddie Murphy. In fact, she got two Worst Actress Razzies! She won something at least! [blows a raspberry]. Here’s what Razzies chief John Wilson said about the TWO awards:

“It’s appropriate that it’s a tie, because at the end of the movie, you don’t know if it was one person or two people, or are they twins, or are we as mentally ill as the screenwriter and director.”

PS – Ratatouille got Best Animated Feature Film. I was supporting Surf’s Up (because it had penguins in it).

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hmmm… i guess i’m being extremely dumb here… but what the heck, i still don’t get it..

You know what half of the bloody movies are something that weren’t even released in the average cinema near me. So I don’t know what the hell they have nominated and given the award to, anyway the best part of the whole thing is the speeches especially the best actress one for eg. Halle Berry going nuts and churning out juice like blue berry was so forth it.

In 300,did they use DVD Studio Pro? You know when you see the movie you kinda get the feel that it wasn’t made on a windows PC.

As far as transformers goes the effects were pretty rad but don’t you think that a movie should have a story too? Then again it was the special effects category, maybe they bought the judges out….

And thanks for linking to me in the previous post (I got 18 visits from there).

@Rach: Yes he is. šŸ˜›

@Anuj: Since Transformers WAS in the special effects category, therefore it can be excused on the story bit. For that matter, neither did 300 have much of a story, but boy did they pull it off well. And yes, 300 WAS made on (many) Macs. Ah well yes, most Oscar stuff isn’t worth watching anyway (too boring), and at least in India, won’t recoup any money at all. Therefore they don’t launch them.

“Forth it” was meant to be worth it, blame my spell checker(yes I had time to spell check it).

Gq wasn’t there a time when movies were supposed to be about the story? The fancy effects do look nice but what’s the use if there’s nothing behind them?

Ah I knew it(about 300) no wonder it had so much ‘it’ in it.

@Anuj: Yeah, I know, it still IS supposed to be about the story in a movie; but that’s for the market. For a specific AWARD for special effects, they can be excused – that’s all I said. šŸ™‚ The special effects Oscar has also been around for a long time, so it isn’t really new.

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