The IPL Ad

I’m not the one who likes cricket too much, but then, this new advertisement for the Indian Premier League has got such a unique visual style that you just can’t ignore it. Especially the 300-style splatter effects. Stupid song, but hey, India does seem to be going places in advertising.

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Hmmm…that splatter effect would have been effective if it hadn’t been used in every single damn frame.Although the somewhat psychedelic color scheme is interesting the moronic soundtrack ruins the entire appeal of the ad.

@Uma: I know…yes, the ad DOES seem a bit too long in fact. Maybe a shorter ad would have had more effect. And yes, the song really sucks!

The IPL ad even cuaght my attention – It has used quite great effects…The soundtrack of the IPL teams might be better with ppl like Vishal-Shekhar and others composing tunes…..
Its good to see u seeing Cricket Ads, Ankur. Even I am quite interested in Ads like u are. The best ads on Indian TV usually come from Airtel, in my opinion. BTW, their ad on The Book of Solomon was made in association with Google.

@Anon: LOL.

@Prateek: Yes, Airtel’s ads are among the best. Yes, I know about the Google one – tie-up since Google is now present by default on their Airtel Live WAP site. Even Windows Live Search mobile had teamed up with Hutch for that Eskimo ad.

Ya I saw the Eskimo Ad but preferred the Solomon one. IBM’s “Innovation” Advertisements also are powerful…Stop Talking. Start Doing.
I for Innovation. I for Implementation.

GOOD! Guys you liked the Ad? But you are just making some SHAMEless DESIGNERS proud for their Typical Copy!

Psyop did it a looong time back!

Go to the ARCHIVE, click the “FOX BASEBALL” on the 4th Line and see the ORIGINAL WORK!

AND….for the Incredible !ndia Campaigner,
BRAVO.. you are really !ncredible!

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