Dark Side of the Moon

The Light Side of the Moon
Creative Commons License photo credit: luzer

Bit of pointless stuff, but hey, it’s totally wacky, pointless and takes just a few seconds to get done with! NASA is allowing people to send their name aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, by just going to this site and registering your name. The deadline is 27th June, so do hurry up. People from another civilization coming some thousands of years later and trying to figure out who ‘Ankur Banerjee’ is? Nah, not happening. Still, must say though it’s things like these – small steps – that help reignite the passion for science among students in particular, and the public in general. Oh, and you get a PDF certificate to. What on earth people are supposed do with that, I’ve no clue. :p

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@Poison: So that if Little Green Men ever come to the moon millenia later, they might see out names?

It’s like asking “What was the point of the Apollo missions?” Sure, our technology progressed a LOT due to the research which was put in, but IMO, the more important thing was that it inspired generations of kids in the 60s and 70s to take up science. Things like these increase public interest in science, which is something quite important.

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