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Guess who’s back

Land! Dear sweet land at last. After one week of isolation from the civilized world, I have somewhere around 196 emails (excluding newsletters) to go through, around 61 Google Reader items to read (and that’s just the ‘important’ feeds). I do feel a little less inclined right now to go back to my old ways of checking email on my cellphone at the dead of the night, but I’m not getting my hopes high yet, might just be temporary. My total isolation was completed by the fact that I broke my chargers; please don’t ask how it happened or I’ll start whimpering. Consequently, I had no phone / camera for most of the time, although I did give in and buy replacement chargers towards the end – couldn’t bear the total silence any longer. Before that, I cobble together my own charger, using the mini-USB end of my old ones, a very odd looking transformer made from wire loops wound around old alarm clock pieces, and a stripped pencil as a resistor. Couldn’t get it to work, I think because the transformer wires were too thick. Either way, I did see some nice places, but no photos of either of them or diplomattresses named Zem.

Not much then to show in the form of pictures (because phone / camera were dead), except that of the pet parrot at my relatives’ place, taken hastily towards the end of my stay. I tried to teach it to call out the names and phone numbers of local hitmen, but this was hindered by the fact that it a) didn’t know their names / phone numbers; b) started doing crazy vertical loops in its cage whenever I (or my mom, who’d be a new face for it to contend with too) approached it. Did calm it down a bit by feeding it chillies but never got the ruddy thing to spew knowledge about local goons. I gather that this bird was saved (when it was very small) by my aunt after it had been lying half-dead after an attack from some bird of prey; and since it never learned foraging when it was young it would probably die if it was released. Enjoy the video of the parrot. šŸ™‚

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