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DPS VK Quiz Club Intra, August 2008

I know, haven’t been posting for a while. Mostly studying these days, and well, got bored of writing posts. A few movie reviews and other posts in the wings, but haven’t been written yet.

I went to school yesterday to conduct an intra for the quiz club, and to discuss about organizing the Inter-DPS Contemporary India Quiz to be held in our school next month. Things have gotten ‘strict’ in our school ever since a bunch of guys walked into school last month on the pretext of meeting someone and beat a chap up. These days, they log all visitors in, click the photos blah blah. All useless, if you ask me. People who want to beat somebody’s face in may as well do it outside the school. The downside is that even alumni have trouble getting in these days. I had to call the vice principal, and Varun who came to help me also had to jumo through a few hoops to get through.

The question paper I made was mostly pulled from HT Inquizitive and Times of India Fun-da-Mental archives, because I wasn’t really sure how many serious students would be turning up and didn’t want to waste time making a paper if that was the case. It happened with Varun and Rach the last time they went to conduct an intra. Still, the question paper has a few funny questions, rather, people giving funny answers so you might want to check it out.

Click here to download the DPS VK Quiz Club Intra – August 2008 edition paper (with solutions)

Update: There was a mistake in the first question, which Prateek Vijayavargia pointed out. The Football World Cup in question was not the first, but one in 1950. He knows, after all he was Delhi champion at Times of India’s Olympics Quest 2008. šŸ™‚ Narrowly missed out in the national finals.

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