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Inter-DPS Contemporary India Quiz 2008

Sorry for posting this late, folks. I’d the quiz package uploaded on my servers on 4th September itself, but there was a short-circuit at home which got rectified today – and only then I could come online. Don’t even ask on how I had to get things back on track screaming at BSES / CPWD morons for past two days.

Phew. So then, the Inter-DPS Zonal Contemporary India Quiz 2008 got over today. For the uninitiated (pretty much everyone of you), it was an inter-DPS (obviously) event organized under the aegis of the DPS Society. We had 13 teams coming (well, actually only 12 turned up – and one of those too late to participate), and it was one helluva quiz. I’d been researching and preparing for this stuff for around a week now, and I’m glad it’s finally over. It was a fun experience too – because I’m totally pathetic when it comes to quizzing related to Hindi movies and songs, and had to really work to get this bit done.

By ‘contemporary India’, the brief I got from the school was past 3 decades. Oh BTW, we tried to get quite a few alumni together for this, but it didn’t work out. Our school even tried to get Quizcraft for this, but that didn’t work out either. So it was up to 6by9media then. Finding a co-host was also an issue, with most people being busy, but finally Pony – who’s in India right now on a break from Aston Univ – agreed to help out. Always a nice and helpful guy.

To cut the long story short, it was held on 4th September at school – with two quarter-finals on stage consisting of 6 teams and 5 teams, respectively; one semi-final of 7 teams; and one final of 5 teams. Among the surprises was DPS RKP not turning up because of their being two hours late because of a) their driver drinking tea b) their car broke down. Still, the quiz was close, with Heritage India Quiz Delhi Zone winners DPS Dwarka putting up a good fight with the home team DPS Vasant Kunj. VK and Dwarka were pretty much leading throughout the quiz, but DPS Rohini’s team gave a tough fight and came runners up. VK seems to be on a roll this year – coming runners up at the Columban Open et al – and finished first today; answering the sort of questions which I totally expected to go unanswered. Another fun thing was the chairman of the DPS Society himself saying he only knew one answer out of the bits of the quiz he saw (the final), and tried to think up answers for the rest but got them wrong. That’s being REALLY frank – walking up to the podium in front of a school audience which he’s the chairman of and admitting he didn’t know the answers.

You can download the whole Inter-DPS Zonal Contemporary India Quiz 2008 (two quarter finals, one semi-final, one final) by clicking here. It’s a 13 MB zipped file containing all the different rounds and related media, plus the solutions. The solutions / instructions are present in the PDF files. The presentations are in Microsoft Office 2007 PPSX format – that’s because certain elements used in that can only be edited if in the PPSX format – if you export it to PPT / ODP, then it’s converted to an image. Portability shouldn’t be an issue, because OpenOffice 3 (already in beta, to be released in a few weeks) can handle Office 2007 formats. Special instructions for crossword round are included in the PDF file. Also, the videos have been reduced to 320×240 resolution at 15 FPS to reduce filesize; the MP3 bitrate has also been reduced to 96kbps. Of course, higher quality files were used in the actual quiz.


  • In the answer script for the ‘6by9 round’ of the finals, the answers for the ‘Education’ category haven’t been included. Please use the browser-based round format included to get the answers. The inconvenience is regretted.
  • Also included in the finals is a question on Aslam Sher Khan being the only ex-Olympian Parliamentarian. This is (most probably) incorrect, as there appears to be another Olympian named Jaipal Singh who was also a Parliamentarian. (Thankfully, this question was an extra.)

Okies, the credits for the quiz…

Prannoy ‘Pony’ Sablok, for waking up at 6am in the morning, and actually turning up and helping me out – when nobody else could. He also did a brilliant job as a co-host, letting my jaws rest for a few rounds which he conducted. And for providing entertainment, when he started giving direct questions and passes in a buzzer round! 🙂 Anyway, Pony’s help during the day of the event was indispensable.

Prateek Vijayavargia, whose excellent archive of questions helped me out of a tight corner when I was running out of ideas – of course, used with his permission.

Bhavika Aggarwal, for coming up with a nice set of questions, and being on the first person to send them in long before the day of the quiz – that really helped ease pressure as I could include quite a few of them into the quiz.

Prashanth Kanduri, whose inputs helped a lot with the Bollywood-related stuff in the quiz. And when I say ‘a lot’, I mean a LOT. He helped out even when his exams were going on, and although he couldn’t contribute much directly because of shortage of time, his inputs provided me a base on which I could start research for the Bollwood section.

Rachit Agarwal, for Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V-ing Prateek’s archives and sending them to me. The ‘thank you’ is for going through the archives and selecting relevant questions.

Arjun Attam, for helping out with a few technical queries. Even though I finally went with my own code, I still thank him for taking time out to help me.

I hope you’ll enjoy the quiz package I’ve uploaded. Feedback is welcome. All I can say is that it was far more exciting on the day of the quiz. Really REALLY fun 😀

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nice quiz. but it was easy for me! maybe it is for couch potatoes (and mouse potatoes). one thing i couldn’t understand was the indian ocean question. can u give me the explaination?
and the scam! get over 42 man! 42 is not the answer!

@Aditya: Yeah, I thought of making it more difficult, but since it was an inter-DPS quiz, and not an open quiz I thought I should keep it relatively easy. Plus, the theme which I had to work on – contemporary India – if you follow the news properly then there was nothing which couldn’t be cracked.

Indian Ocean is an Indian band – and Indian Ocean the water body is the third-largest ocean / water body in the world.

And IS an actual website. 😀

Just happened to check the questions. Quite an impressive set.
By the way, the character Mohan Bhargav in ‘Swades’ was inspired from two people named Ravi Kuchimanchi and Aravinda Pillalmarri of an organization named AID.

@Dhananjay: Thanks! 🙂 After you pointed out the Swades discrepancy, I searched up about it. The Wikipedia article on Swades mentions Ravi Kuchimanchi and Aravinda Pillalmarri and cites a page at as its source ( The source I used was different – and that gave credit to Vikram Akula ( There seems to be no definitive source on this, however. No site which cites Ashutosh Gowarikar / anybody else in-charge of production of the movie directly on this issue. Maybe it was an amalgam of characters…

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