Truly thou art damned, like an ill-roasted egg, all on one side

Ye Olde Shakespearean Insultes

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7 replies on “Truly thou art damned, like an ill-roasted egg, all on one side”

Here are a few “generations”:
“Olympic Athlete!”
“Interplanetary goat!”
“Fancy-dress fascist!”
“Misguided missile!”

(Okay, I realize you might not find it as funny as I currently find it. But oh well, it is HILARIOUS!)

@Espera: “Interplanetary goat!” LMAO. Oh, you like Tintin too? 😀 I just loved those comics when I was a kid (and Asterix too, but Tintin was better). I think I still have a few, uh, somewhere in my room. I’ll need to take the whole place apart though to find them. Haddock’s expressions in the comics are oh-so-priceless! My second fave character(s) in Tintin would be Thompson and Thomson.

@ Ankur – Yes I agree…Thundering Typhoons!…Tintin and Asterix are evergeen and classics in their own right. I even watched the whole Tintin Series on Cartoon Network – Pity they dont show it now…I also preferred Tintin to Asterix.
A full list of Captain Haddock’s curses and exclamations here: Its a good read.

Thundering typhoons! Blistering blasphemous blue barnacles! How can anybody not like Tintin?? C’mON!
I stayed off Asterix resolutely when I was younger, pledging loyalty towards Tintin. Now that I have read a few of Asterixes, they aren’t too bad either.

Prateek: I used to watch the Tintin series on CN too. But I didn’t quite like them as much because they were in HINDI. What they don’t do to spoil all the fun =(

@Prateek and Espera: The Tintin cartoon series was good, but it strayed from the actual story in many cases. They just didn’t capture the essence of Tintin comics. I hope the one Steven Spielberg is making right now turns out to be better.

@ Ankur – Yes ofcourse the one Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are working on would definitely be great….After all they are the masters…
@ Espera – Yes they were in Hindi sadly and sometimes the essence was lost..

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