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Limca Book of Records Quiz 2005 Archive

The Limca Book of Records Quiz is generally conducted by Quizcraft, but this year the account has been picked up by Derek O’Brien & Associates. Expect a suckier quiz, coming soon at a school near you this December. Meanwhile, you can go through the Limca Book of Records Quiz 2005 Archive (ZIP, ~680 KB). Had been lying around with me for a long time; thanks to Prateek Vijayavargia for compiling this. šŸ™‚ I didn’t include the questions for the visual round because I thought they’d be self-evident. The quiz was good, except for the bits where they harp on Coca Cola (Coke owns the Limca brand) – but you can’t blame Adittya Mubayi because that was probably part of the contract.

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hii…i am a student of DPS Rohini and a frequent visitor of this blog…Gud blog, must say…

Just wanted to know that what mainly is asked in d quiz and what shud be d preparations..i am going to appear in dis quiz on 22nd Dec. in Delhi at DPS RKP…Plz guide me through..

@Jai: Do remember to read up a bit about Coke’s history, since they are the sponsors. I dunno how the level of the quiz will be this year since it’s switching from Quizcraft to Derek O’Brien, but I expect it to be much simpler.

@Jai: Amazing! Congrats! šŸ™‚ I heard the final were quite good. But gotta say, their format for the city finals were…not such a good idea.

Yup. The city finals were really bad. but we won coz of our prelim score (which gt multiplied into 5) and we answered the last question which was very simple…..

The prizes weren’t gr8.
School Trophy (d one 2 see)
Individual trophies (very poor, even d one i got at Modern Barakhamba (Access) participation trophies were better)
Gold Medals (Delhi winners, good)

and no more…
NO CASH PRIZE!! not even a penny

saw ur blog while searching for quiz material… can u plz giv an idea abt limca records quiz..? the contents..format n areas it will cover…
ur blog is gr8 btw..:)

Please check out for more on that. There’s a quite a long discussion on Limca Book of Records Quiz there; in case you have more doubts, then you can ask a question in the forum. And of course, the archive here should give you an idea of what the quiz is like.

Its my first time in the quiz i read all the comments of their questions .Please i request you to give me a genuine answer

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