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HT India Quotient Quiz
HT India Quotient Quiz

Heritage India Quiz 2008 regional and national finals are coming up soon, so I thought it’s the best time to put up some resources related to it. First is a relatively simple stuff that Hindustan Times published (click on the image to view full size version).

The second is the Heritage India Quiz prelims database that me and some other DPS VK Quiz Club members compiled. It contains questions from the past few years of the Heritage India Quiz prelims. Not all of the questions are answered, but this should regardless be helpful for the prelims since HIQ repeats a lot of questions in the prelims. The database is an database; to open the file you need the free office suite which you can download from here. Use the ‘Form’ view for easier viewing.

About the regional / national final levels. A lot of it is audio-visual, so be prepared for those kind of questions. I kinda think that the Penguin India Quiz Book series is quite useful for this particular quiz because in it you’ll find the sort of questions which come at HIQ. The earlier editions of the series, that is.

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okay Ajey , yaa u were pretty gud in HIQ in national pre-finals but the Amritsra boys did very well in the buzzer .

the Heritage India Quiz prelims database dat u and ur frens have compiled has some problem. it is not opening so please correct watever mistake is there so dat other students can read it. thanx anyways for ur valuable suggestions

Yes Results for CBSE HIQ-2009 are out ..
DPS RKP is in the City Pre Finals….
So come on…we can do it.!!! šŸ˜‰

hey your material was helpful can you tell me what score is good enough to sail through the prelims of HIQ ?

Hey Ankur.How are you ? We just gave the HIQ.I think we will qualify (something around 280-290).Something got into the principal regarding this quiz…called the team a couple of times to tell us how important it is for us to win the quiz :/.Anyhow, do you have any idea when we will get the results ?
P.S-About 4-5 questions came from your archives !! :))

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