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Exun 2008 – Third Iteration

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Code Warriors team receiving the trophy (I accidentally hit the mute button)

Exun 2008 was held on 29-30 November 2008. For the third year in a row the Code Warriors team has won the Overall Winners trophy at Exun. Thanks to a strong performance throughout the event – especially from the quiz team – the CW team winds up with another trophy is its inventory; moreover, the team has won most of the major events this year. Excellent work! šŸ™‚

I didn’t go on Day 1 (nothing for me to see), but I was free on Day 2 so I went along watch the quizzes. Gursartaj Singh and Akshay Aggarwal were conducting the quiz. First uo was the junior quiz, where we had two teams. Nice to see the quiz being done without any many acronyms. Post victory (our main team won the event), I spent most of the intervening time between lunch laughing myself silly. Food was again from the hostel this time, so I decided to order in pizza for the whole team. Abhimanyu was mentally prepping himself for a repeat of Roboknights 2007 where he had to chase the pizza delivery around Som Vihar to get him to the correct delivery spot, but that didn’t happen this year. Followed by the crossword and senior quiz – which our team again won, both of them. Seriously though, there was no school which put up an actual fight to the DPS VK team (not counting RKP). Conspicous in their abscence were Apeejay Noida – I wonder where their team is this year. They don’t seem to be making any kind of strong presence felt in events this year. Also missing from action was Jimi Hendrix (wonder what happened to him).

The quiz(zes) and crossword were nice – Guddi and Akshay has obviously put in some nice work into doing it. They were kind enough to give over the archives to Vivek after the events were over, so Vivek will (hopefully) be putting up his first quiz archives on his blog soon. Haven’t seen the prelim papers too, but yes, have heard that their level was nice too.

Coming to the Exun 2008 video, I haven’t seen it yet (still waiting for it to be uploaded somewhere online). And of course, some excellent quizzing performances by juniors like Vishesh Kumar and Aditya Grover – its nice to see some serious competition for DPS VK’s junior team of Vivek and Karthick at last! Overall, must say that I enjoyed Exun 2008 a lot. šŸ™‚ The Exun team put together a really smoothly conducted event – kudos to them!

Having a strong quiz team sure does help a lot in winning events. šŸ˜‰ For photos from Exun 2008, check out my photo album on it.

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Defending champions strike back!! congrats for building a great foundation for your CW ankur…..!

Yeah code warriors did it again and whats more!! 3 times in a row!!

duh! what are u made of??

@Chirag, Akshat, Vishesh: Thanks everyone. šŸ™‚ Sure feels nice that the team is winning so consistently.

@Chirag: Were you there at Exun? I guess not, since it’s hardcore tech and you said you didn’t go for those events.

@Vishesh: Error rectified. šŸ™‚

@ankur : ya, you guessed rite, i wasn’t there (so i’m really not part of the ‘Delhi geek society’…..just joking)

god knows when i’ll get a chance to meet you…

@ Ankur – Ankur, Congrats to the Code Warriors for winning Exun for the third year in a row. They were surely the deserving winners. Exun 2008 was great, the first time I got to attend it properly. It was nice to get a Podium Finish in both the Senior Quiz and Crossword. Yes, DPSVK did win the fest in style and so some of the events, but “we did, succeed in scaring them in the Crossword Finals :-)”….We were just 10 Points behind in the finals point tally. The Senior Quiz was rather “hardcore tech”, but it was a great enjoyable and knowledgeable experience…Kudos to ExunClan!

@prateek: Thnx :D. And the Tech part was mostly guessable, I’d say. Like we got 3 answers, hit-to-miss (which was damn easy – was appalled that nobody else got it :-O), Adaptive Tile Refresh (for which we got points, and aws an on-the spot cooked-up ans :D) and the fork bomb which was also a sheer guess. You just need to beat around the bush, a bit cinfidently, and that’s it. šŸ˜€ Trust me. šŸ™‚

@Vishesh: Basically, intelligent guessing helps a lot in tech quizzes. I remember once I got a question in quiz which I knew the answer to (“Why is Apache server named so?”) and I started blurting it out, and my quiz partner thought I was cooking it up. So I was there on stage flapping my hands, screaming at him to shut up, and blurting out the answer at the same time. šŸ˜€ That was fun.

Can you just upload Exun 2008 Archives(if you have them),I unfortunately exun this time.So please do it so that atleast I can have a look at them or tell me where can I get them if you know.

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