Photo taken by me when I was stuck in a traffic marmalade jam. No, r-tard, this is after the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon was over; the advertisements are still around. (Interestingly, it tells you to SMS ‘ADHD’ for more info. Sounds like they want to give medical advice.) This is near the JNU intersection, on the way to IIT Delhi. Lines, lines, I hate fucking traffic lines. Would have reached my destination faster if I was running. D’oh.

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The day right after Airtel’s Half Marathon, Virgin Mobile put in an advert which said, “We don’t provide HALF MEASURES.” It went on to say that they were our friends and thus, promised to never make us run and sweat.

@Espera: LOL, yes, I saw that…and I was around at the Virgin Mobile office too when the marketing team was discussing it. They were also discussing another campaign (which they’ve published recently) ‘Walk or Talk’.

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