NM-Delete-Revision WordPress Plugin

Since version 2.6 WordPress has included a feature which stores revisions for different posts you edit. Although this functionality can be useful it times, over time it also takes up storage space and makes your database slower. This plugin allows to scan your database for revisions and then delete them if you choose. Completely disabling revision functionality is not a good idea. Instead, you should use this plugin to periodically delete redundant revisions.

Until now, I’ve been using the Delete-Revision. It’s functionality is good, but working with it can be major pain because of the poor translations used. Not the developer’s fault – he seems to be some Chinese guy who just used BabelFish for translation. (Which is why his original plugin speaks of ‘losing weight’ rather than ‘deleting revisions’.) So I decided to make my own edits and came up with NM-Delete Revision. This removes the locale settings for Chinese language and gives a properly translated interface. Downloads are available below. Version numbers are in sync with the last version of the original plugin it was modified from. Feedback is welcome – leave it using the comment form below.

Version 1.2

Download version 1.2 of NM-Delete-Revision

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