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MozillaCamp Delhi


India’s first ever unconference for Mozilla Firefox users – MozillaCamp Delhi – will be taking place on 10th February 2009. The venue has not been finalised yet, and a lot of work remains to be done with just a week to go for the event, but hey – it’s an unconference! Chip in with your contributions and join the discussion on the MozillaCamp Delhi Google Group. Check up on the stuff that needs to be done and pitch in. I cleaned up the wiki / registration page a bit.

The event will be getting coverage from media outlets CNN-IBN and NDTV 24×7. (I hope they don’t send Hark! DaButt.) Big People from Mozilla like Seth Bindernagel (director of localization) and Arun Ranganathan (standards evangelist) will be attending.

If we can convince the venue hosts, maybe we can haul in a few vats of lava into which we can throw the Unbelievers, as a part of post-(un)conference celebrations. Let the Cleansing begin!

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