A few days I posted about MozillaCamp Delhi, which (hopefully) will be taking place on 10th February 2009. I went to their page today to see if the venue has been finalised. (It hasn’t.) I came across a new entry in the list of attendees. One where the person had manually given 3 spaces, written the number, and then added his name (instead of just hitting return and adding a new entry in the list). Our user is a SEO EXPERT / WEB DEVELOPER – MOZILA FIREFOX USER.

No shittin'! This is taken straight from his site.

In case you haven’t already hotfooted to his webpage, do so. He is “I M OWN PERSON-THERE’S NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD OUT THERE LIKE ME” and owns a “black-brown jarman shepherd”. I could probably quote some other biographical details but it’s best that you read it yourself. No, I mean, really. Please do. Why give out spoilers here?

As a Mozilla Firefox user since the days when it was a fledgling little baby, I think I feel happy about this. After all, Mozilla Firefox finally seems to be trickling down to the users of…er…that level. Which is a good thing. With a greater number of users on our side we can no longer have statements in web development tutorials / books such as “Since IE occupies the majority of market share, code for it instead of bothering to make it compatible with others” (paraphrased statement from an actual book by Wiley Publications).

Preetam Singh Patel – and Obsessed Firefox Users like him – are accidental heroes in the long road towards eventual domination that Mozilla Firefox is on the path to.

Typical users of web browsers IE Firefox Safari Opera
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PS – Don’t I just love the mockery done for Safari users? Hell yeah!

PPS – A few hours after posting this, the venue for MozillaCamp Delhi was finalized. It is going to be held at Indian Social Institute, Lodi Road. You can get a map / directions to the venue here (, in case you want to share with others)


you have a great blog man,,,I need some help,when I tried setting up ads on a wordpress blog,it didn’t let me(it seems its against their policies),,,so,how did you?;)

WordPress is of ‘two types’ – one the hosted version on (which doesn’t allow you to serve ads), and the other which you can download and install on your own server from The latter option allows you full freedom including installing any plugin you want, any theme you want, or inserting advertisements.

Of course not! I use the latter version for example. WordPress software – the one installed on a server – can be downloaded and installed for free by anyone.

Yes you can. Most webhosts these days have automated installers to help you install WordPress on your webhost. Further, there are plugins which allow you to easily insert AdSense ads.

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