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TCS IT Wiz 2008

“Finally, a quiz archive of TCS IT Wiz 2008”, I thought when I came across Aditya’s post about it.Unfortunately, it isn’t a complete archive but it still gives a good idea of how it is. Karmanya had put up an archive (which I had mentioned earlier) but it seems that the archives are longer available for download. (So I’m uploading the same, without any changes, here.) Prashanth has spoken about the event too. A few of my responses to the notes in Aditya’s archive:

  • It is true that the Toshiba Qosmio series has some laptops which come with the Cell processor. Read a Gizmodo story about it or reviews of it on CNET. It is true, however, that is not the primary processor on the laptop – it plays second fiddle to the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and handles video-related tasks.
  • Pickbrain screwed up big-time when he says Cell processor is used in PlayStation Portable. It isn’t.
  • Lenovo is not a subsidiary of IBM. It bought the rights to IBM trademarks (such as ‘Thinkpad’) and took over IBM’s desktop and laptop division.
  • (One clarification about the first statement in Karmanya’s archive) The ‘Pope’ being referred to is not ‘The Pope’ but ‘a Pope’. Ivan Pope, to be precise.

For all those who stumble across this post when searching up about TCS IT Wiz, do you know any other archives on the Web on this? Post them here in the comments section for all to see.

PS – Yesterday was special…in more than one sense. (‘Yesterday’ in India, according to Epoch standards, Friday the 13th.) It was the day on which Unix time passed the 1234567890 seconds since Epoch Time milestone. There was a cool countup for this. Click the text ‘Relive the moment’ for some fireworks.

PPS – Awesome post by Aditya on Code Wars 2008!

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So Lenovo is not a subsidiary of IBM? Even I didn’t think so, but I think I saw it in an Exun quiz.
About that PSP processor, Giri actually accepted it as the primary answer! Then he considered PS3 also. I wrote a post about the X360 and the PS3 so I knew I couldn’t be wrong. And, Mridul would be delighted to know about that Unix time stuff. Thanks for a pingback! Helps boost blog traffic.

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