Missing The Point

There’s this ad by Eveready Ultima batteries which has been doing the rounds lately on television. See it if you haven’t already below (most slots don’t show the whole ad).

Eveready batteries flashlight ad

I  thought of mentioning this ad as a good idea gone terribly wrong. The concept behind the advertisement of using flashlights coupled with time-lapse photography is quite unique. No doubt it must have taken the team behind the ad a lot of time to make too. But come on! You’re selling Eveready batteries, not Duracell! I wonder whether this particular ad will make any impact as such. To understand how cool this ad is, you need to understand the basic concept behind it (time-lapse). If you don’t, I’m sure a viewer will dismiss it as a freakish incident they can’t explain. And that’s just the urban viewer! When you’re selling a mass market product like batteries, there really isn’t much scope of ‘being innovative’.

Clearly an ad done by an agency so much in love with the idea that they forgot what they were selling.

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