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The Indian Premier Leak (Tehelka)

Brilliant, insightful article on the Tharoor-Modi IPL saga by Tehelka magazine. Even in its new avatar, Tehelka continues to justify why it’s such an acclaimed media agency. (Remember ‘Operation West End‘?) Until now I only had (relatively) vague idea about what was going on, but this article sums everything up and brings forth new facts to light at the same time, while also offering analysis.

The thing about staying many times zones away from your home country, without easy access to newspapers or TV media is that it’s extremely difficult to follow what’s happening ‘back home’, especially in rapidly developing news stories such as the IPL controversy. Of course, there are news sites but then sitting down and browsing through news on a site is so much harder than reading a ‘compiled’ version, i.e., a newspaper or a news bulletin.

Maybe there’s hope for ‘mainstream media’ after all. But let’s not forget that even Tehelka started off as an unconventional outlet, in that it was a website.

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