Shoutouts for some lovely people

I wanted to do a few quick shoutouts for some lovely people, wrap them up in one post.

First up is Moazzem, my roommate from last semester who’s participating in a reality show by Bloomberg Television called Techstars about the next big thing in tech and he needs visits from as many unique visitors on this URL to make it on the show. Why him? You need balls to me an mechatronics engineer and still kick ass at programming, like he does. Be nice and click on the link, okay?

Then there was Esya 2011 at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Delhi that was held last weekend – oh god Espèra is so going to have my scalp for this because I promised to write about this before it took place – a code jam / tech treasure hunt / quiz. I so wish I could attend this because Espèra (and other friends like Utkarsha) were on organizing committee.

Speaking of tech events, last month also saw Code Wars 2011. Pulkit and Aditya upheld Code Warriors tradition by pulling together the best tech symposium conducted this year (from what I’ve heard) with an able and committed as ever involved. I’m proud to look back at these guys and hear about what they have pulled off, because I know how much hard work went into it. This is the first time in five years that I’ve missed a Code Wars event; I feel a curious mix of a sense of loss and pride. Kudos to Arjun, Vivek, Karthick and all other alumni for their contribution too – and they certainly pitched in with crucial inputs on research! NOW LOOK AT COOL VIDEO.

I also conducted – with Vivek Nair as co-host – a general inter-school quiz for the DPS Society at DPS Vasant Kunj on the one day I got to spend in Delhi before flying to the UK. This has been in works for a long time and I’m glad to see it come to life, be a part of the first edition. Most of the credit should rightfully go to Vivek who worked on logistics months in advance of the event while I was in Singapore, worked on a majority of research for the quiz, and a charming albeit nervous first-time co-host. On my part, I’m fucking tired of quizzes stuck at 60-70s classic rock and 50s Bollywood with contemporary Indian heritage, so one of my main objectives was to make an ‘international’ outlook quiz. I may have veered a tad too much towards South-East Asia but if in the end it makes more quizzers go back and read about these places, I’d be happy.

Along the way we had ‘fun’ moments: my ‘wardrobe malfunction’ when I tried to take my t-shirt off on stage (with Chairman, Director of DPS VK and staff of participating schools in attendance) where I accidentally flashed the audience; gifting a duty-free sealed kaya spread bottle along with a book to ‘Learn Mandarin in 60 Minutes’ stuffed with condoms between its pages (unused packed ones, in case you get the wrong idea); giving out clues that made participants call Dominos Pizza in Bhatinda at midnight…Comprende Nair and I tried to make a quirky event not just with question but by trying to give this a unique, how should I put this, editorial voice. Hope everyone enjoyed the event! Download DPS VK Grey Matters 2011 quiz archive here (~43 MB, zipped). Have a look at the archive, tell me what you think – I’d love to have feedback from blog readers as well as participants from the event!

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I am LMAOing around, seeing how many SEAsian references you have in your various rounds. And NO ONE is going to get SNSD in Delhi man, impossible hahahahahaha would have been one fun quiz to attend lolol

What was so cool about this video? It’s mostly clips put together from different games :/

Also, I am not going to have your scalp because a LOT of people turned up for Esya and we were all very happy. So. 😀

Dude. I uploaded everything around the same time as when I commented. Ek baar dekh toh lo 😛

Yeah, well, I don’t like those videos anymore 😛

I didn’t attend Grey Matters, had to miss it for an MUN. What were the clues all about (Solutions/ Fundaez/ Purpose).

Oh they did have answers. One was a QR code for Dominos in Bhatinda. Another was randomly picked out page/word numbers from the Kindle version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Then there was was an audio recording of a easter egg hidden in Portal 2. Completely random and nothing added up.

Really enjoyed the Grey Matter Quiz.
I’d done a little review of the Grey Matters Quiz myself. Give it a read if you can.

So long, and thanks for all the Kaya, and bookmarks…

P.S- Why didn’t you didn’t tell me about the bookmarks before? Just as you gave me the book, I sat down in the audi, flipping through the pages when they fell on the floor. “Whaaat..whoa?!” omfgwtfbbq

P.P.S- My teacher and my partner (she was a she), were sitting right next to me.

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