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Jack Kilby Science Quiz Sample Questions

There’s a whole quiz archive on the Jack Kilby Science Quiz, thanks to Prateek Vijayavargia; unfortunately I haven’t edited it yet. So for all those people going tomorrow for this year’s edition, here are some sample questions which might help you. These are from the organisers’ themselves (I think).

  1. Although we associate Vatican with religion, it also owns a couple of fine observatories. There is one observatory in the papal summer residence. It was built to aid the development of what? The Gregorian Calendar
  2. Before calculating machines became popular, in large engineering activities, women were employed to manually do the calculations. What were these ladies called? Computers
  3. Mho is the unit of measurement of reciprocal of what? Ohm (resistance or impedance)
  4. The word describes the whorl of petals in a flower. It comes from the Latin word for crown and is now well known because of a very popular model of car. What word? Corolla
  5. This is the thin, transparent tissue that covers the outer surface of the eye. More known because of the itching ailment that affects it. What is the tissue called? Conjunctiva

Archive coming soon!

33 replies on “Jack Kilby Science Quiz Sample Questions”

@ Everyone – There are so many participants from the Quiz on this forum – Agrim, Sarthak and Vishesh, Tejas and many more….So its upto these students now to chip in and make more archives, esp. the 2008 one of the Jack Kilby Quiz! I suggest everyone can post a few qns each.

Sad Agrim i had oped u woud qualify =(
our round is tomorrow will be goin to watch it
i wish they extended it so could win again like last year =(
i dont mind another mac =(
what was the cut off thid year?

*this hope the guys i coached qualify x_x
cant belive my ex schol qualiied i hate dps rkp -___-


ok dude its like this if u had qualified first u get to choose and then again its chance =s
btw Chennai won the nationals again =D
To think we started the trend by winning in *07 =)

aiee yaar….we messed up so bad in the written….missed easy ones. i still remember i could’ve crossed 29 on the written easily, missing stuff like the acid in the stomach, clover leaf etc etc. we hd 26 i guess…:S

but yeah, wanna take part again!!!

@ALL: archives for the JKQuiz 08 written will be put up by me before the next year’s edition…have them lying sumwhere…:)

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