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Exun 2007 Archive

Finally, compiled it. Good that Exun itself had put up the question papers this year, but no solutions! So well, I made it myself. Click here to download the Exun 2007 Archive, which contains…

  • Exun 2007 Crossword Prelims: Not much to do here, they’d given a filled in one on their site.
  • Exun 2007 Junior Quiz Prelims (with solutions): Didn’t bother to give an answer for a mechanical calculation question; why did they give such boring stuff anyway?
  • Exun 2007 Senior Quiz Prelims (with solutions): Don’t open in front of your parents, has some non-veg stuff. šŸ˜‰
  • DPS VK’s VentureLabs (Surprise Event) presentation: Geez, I expected tough competition in this, turned out, most people came with stupid stuff like saying that they’d invented teleportation, and ‘were in talks with the government to decide pricing’. LMAO!!!

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