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Some Stuff For Dynamix 2007

Dynamix 2007 is coming up at Ramjas School, R K Puram on 26-27 November 2007. Can’t miss it, after all, my friend Jimi Hendrix is one of the organizers. šŸ™‚ Yeah well, I also need to, ahem, have a chat with the MIS guy who spoilt all the fun at Code Wars 2007, even after we’d made ‘special arrangements’ for him. Sigh. Anyway, you can download the rules for Dynamix 2007 here. Must say, a nice schedule because it doesn’t cause too many clashes.

Also, just in case you wanted to do some preparation, here’s the Dynamix 2006 crossword. One of the bestest crosswords (because the Code Wars 2007 Crossword finals were better šŸ˜€ ) ever, for being cryptic AND requiring knowledge at the same time.

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Hope you are going to come for the CodeX too.You will really like the paper….even if I do say so myself šŸ™‚

@Uma: Sure will! Although the name could’ve been better; because CodeX sounds a lot like some name of a cough syrup.

i never noticed this on your site
btw where do ya get all the papers from??
if i remember..didja come for dynamix 06? amity came second…….we were FAR behind//
i was in the team…
so u r ankur… i know u by face as well!

@Agrim: Oh yes, I remember Amity was there. Don’t recall your face though. Yes, I was there in team from our school. Came that year to escape a Monday test at school. I generally recreate the papers myself, or get it from my friends in other computer clubs in the city.

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