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Tata Crucible 2008 Campus Edition : Delhi Regionals

So then, bang in the middle of my Board exams, 2nd March to be exact, I went to watch the Delhi regionals of the Tata Crucible 2008 Campus Edition. It was Jimi who convinced me to go actually, but I must say I’m pretty lucky to have parents who allowed me to go. It was held at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, and the quizmaster was Pickbrain, whose quizzes I have (and won) earlier.

Anyway, the quiz was pretty good, and Harkirat and ‘SMS’ from IMT Ghaziabad won. It was pretty heartening to know that a team from IIT Roorkee had gone all the way to the Chandigarh regionals, got stuck in a traffic jam so missed it there, came to the Delhi regionals JUST FOR THE QUIZ, and qualified for the finals again. THAT, is what I say love for quizzing.

You can get the questions too, some of which have been put up on the NSIT Quiz Club blog. Bigger credit goes to Jimi though, for noting down, and meticulously compiling and recreating all the questions.

Download the Tata Crucible 2008 Campus Edition Delhi Regionals questions (prelims + finals) [PDF, approximately 380 KB)

PS – I came across a blog which has the prelims questions of Tata Crucible 2007 Campus Edition; which city, I dunno. You might wanna check it out.

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Good u attended the quiz….That 2 between exams!!! Anyways, do tell next time u attend – Even I wud like to come.
Greycap quizzes are much better than DoBanda and Pavna etc šŸ˜‰


@Prateek: I know, I’d have called you…but I thought that since you had your very first Board exam the next day, it was best not to tempt / disturb you. šŸ˜‰ It’d have only made you feel miserable to know that you missed it…

Ya u are bang on! My mom wud have not let me gone….First board of my life!!!!(And I am seeing Tata Crucible) Anyways, am now quite calm, composed, relaxed…The hype by the media and all (parents, friends, relatices etc) abt the board exams in just not needed for.

Wud u like to come for KQA’s MahaQuizzer sometime in May? I have been there before…

@Prateek: Yeah, Boards are really hyped. KQA’s? Sure! Haven’t gone before, but yes, a quiz in May would be a welcome break. šŸ™‚ I just hope it doesn’t clash with DCE (31st May) / BITSAT (24th May).

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