Some Good Gnus, And Some Bad Gnus

Wizard of Id comic strip for 17th April 2008

In life, there will always be good news gnus and bad news gnus. And there will always be people who’ll try to thrust such atrocious puns to the rest of humanity. Douglas Adams quite rightly said:

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news gnus.

The point in life clearly lies in avoiding the whingeing sack of (bad) gnu droppings, and moving on. That gets a bit difficult to achieve, especially when life is like a very rotten and moldy grapefruit. Wish some good gnus come along and it up.

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Good luck! I agree about the part of bad news sorry gnus, it does travel faster than the speed of light maybe we can make a space ship operating on bad gnus.

Hmm but who would like to receive it? When are you getting gnus about your admission status, got any back up plans if all else fails?

@Anuj: Thanks! The admission gnus status will clear up around June. Hopefully, I’ll sneak in somewhere. Haven’t really thought of ‘if not…’ yet. Too depressing.

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