Viewsonic’s ‘Appealing’ Ad

Viewsonic LCD monitor \'Sex Appeal for Desktop\' Ad

One of the ‘down-sides’ of subscribing to a ‘tech’ magazine like Living Digital is that you hardly get any ‘tech’ news in it. Unless you happen to have a few hundred thousand bucks which you can spend casually on everyday tech gadgets, their coverage is useless.

Not that anybody minds, because what Living Digital lacks in content, it makes up for it in the form of babes, which get more page real estate than the gadgets themselves. That itself, I guess, ensures enough sales to make a good profit. Anyway, you also come across really ‘nice’ ads. Like the one for Viewsonic’s VX 62 range of LCD monitors above. The campaign is titled ‘Sex Appeal for Your Desktop’, in case you didn’t read it because, you were, ahem, concentrating on something else. Man, what an advertisment. šŸ˜€ I don’t think anyone will bother about the tech specs of the monitor if this is the poster they put up in Viewsonic dealer shops.

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