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Download Jack Kilby Science Quiz Archives

I never got to participate in the Texas Instruments sponsored Jack Kilby Science Quiz, because I was too old to meet the age criteria. It’s a fun quiz though, I’ve heard, and I had an archive of the quiz compiled by Prateek Vijayavargia lying with me for quite some time; just hadn’t had time to go through it. I did get some time recently, and am putting up the archive now. Most of the stuff was done by Prateek, but I did add a bit, especially one question which I think was wrong. Standard of the quiz is quite okay, given that it is targetted at students of and below 10th standard. Obviously, tech does seem to be an important topic while preparing for this quiz/ Enjoy the archives.

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You lost to chennai =o
this is deja vu coz in 07 blore Sri kumarans lost in me and jayadev Again from chennai =)

hi ankur,
do u and prateek have the archives of the 2007 prelims
and finals. if u have it pls send it to
it to me.
very grateful of you,

ya hi
this is sarthak from Amity saket team for this years jack kilby
your archive questions not working
chech them out

thanks ankur
it is working right now
otherwise i posted requested for gyaans membership
i have not recieved any reply

That’s strange. Usually, one of the moderators would approve your request within a few hours – 24 at max. I’ll ask around in the moderator team to see what’s wrong.

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