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HT InQuizitive 2008 Winners

HT InQuizitive 2008 Winners, originally uploaded by Ankur Banerjee.

Group photo of the HT Inquizitive 2008 Delhi finals participants. You’ll find Prateek Vijayavargia in the pic, next to that hot chick (no, I’m not talking about Annapoorna Sehgal :p) who’s standing beside Siddhartha Basu.

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yaa…d editing was toooo bad…but enjoyyed watchoing u

dose 2 questions of Fear Factor u added were quite easy…moreover d winner Nethra was all over in the news for couple of days…and yaa, that HT Brunch issue was a gud one.

@Aman: Exactly! Those Fear Factor questions were SO easy, but nobody got it! They didn’t even know Nethra Raghuraman’s name! And that too Utkarsh, from DPS Dwarka, it was a direct for him.

@ Ankur – Yes, its okay to expect quizzers to know the name of the winner surely, but that grid one was not quite the best one frankly…Though ur idea of people observing was not quite bad 2…;-)
Even I dont know who Nethra Raghuraman is! But now I surely know….
Ya I think I saw the Brunch Coverage…Did not quite read it.

Well , i followed KKK for each and every episode as Akki is my best actor. and it was the Best reality show till now.

and dat grid questions were interesting…specially that T-shirt sponsors of IPl teams, and Dus kahaniyaan was a gud one too . Audio visuals rounds were terrific. And d most easy question in the quiz i thought was the audio clip of karle karle tu ek sawaal in KBC, so simple.

@Aman: ‘Karle Karle Tu Ek Sawal, the particular bit I included, was quite funny, so I just put it in for some humor. πŸ˜‰ And yes, people liked the IPL grid (and some of the others) because it’s something they followed SO closely when IPL was being held, and to crack it they basically needed to recall what the players were wearing!

Again, thanks for the feedback. πŸ™‚


Best of Luck for ur SAT exam…and i think u wud easily clear it as u r an awesome quizer

@ Ankur – Karle Karle was easy but I liked the question – There shud be some qns for humor. IPL Grid was good 2.


Do u have d questions of Inter DPS Contemporary India Quiz 2007 ??

And how was ur Exam ??

@Aman: Er, no, I don’t have the 2007 one. That on wasn’t conducted by me. The participation criteria was different too – it was for classes 6-8 (instead of 9-12) this time – and in that year DPS VK held the national finals. Moreover, it was ‘Emerging India’ (a few decades before and after 1940s) which was covered.

SAT II was good. πŸ™‚

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