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Dynamix 2008 & Times of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2007 Prelims

Three papers being uploaded. Two are from Dynamix 2008, an event which was totally rigged. (Surprisingly, if you visit their website you’ll find that Prashanth ‘Jimi Hendrix’ Kanduri’s name is not listed among alumni. LOL.)

The interesting thing to note is that a lot of the questions in the quiz have been ripped off from my quiz archives. So that’s another lesson learnt for newbie quizzers – don’t forget to pore through my archives. ๐Ÿ˜€

The crossword which they gave is truly lame. Really, there’s nothing to figure out and the clues / answers themselves are lame. I generally suggest my juniors to go to as many events as possible to stay in touch for the big competitions, but Dynamix 2008 would most definitely not prepare you for what’s in store at Code Wars 2008.

The other paper is the Times of India Fun-da-Mental Quiz 2007 Prelims. Prashanth uploaded these earlier, but that one was incomplete. I found this one in a file Prateek Vijayavargia sent me a long time ago (and which I’d totally forgetten about). Many more archives, coming soon.

PS – Prashanth wanted me to add here that he was not involved in Dynamix 2008, but he was involved in Dynamix 2007.

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@ Sarthak – Rite, Sarthak – Congrats on qualifying for the Regional Finals of the Jack Kilby Quiz 2008…..Great Job – Esp. when its ur first attempt.
Does Springdales have any quizzes?

Hey Prateek! It was I, Vishesh who came first (and also the guy who got one of the easy qs. according to Sarthak). Just wanted to tell you. Btw, do you think you’d have ever met me? Just Asking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cause I think I’ve heard your name a lot but am not sure if I have ever met u. Even if I haven’t, I’d sure love to. ๐Ÿ˜€

@ Vishesh – First things first – Congrats on being the regional winners of the Jack Kilby Quiz 2008, and best of Luck for the Nationals – Hope you do Delhi proud ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, as far as the easy qns thing is concerned – In quizzes like these, questions are mostly balanced and yes sometimes questions which some teams know dont go to them – Ofcourse there is a luck and chance probability for dat…So there is nothing to crib for that, in my opinion. If there was too much of an imbalance, maybe then there wud be a problem.

Hmmm, Yes I have met u – At Dynamix 2008 itself this year. Will hopefully meet u soon in future events. You can check out my blog at

I would just like to point some corrections in the TOI 2007 Quiz.
Cut Off-25
We(Army Public School,Noida) came 4th out of 204.

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