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Download Jack Kilby Science and Technology Quiz 2007 Archive

A lot of people coming to my over the past few days seem to be interested in the Jack Kilby Science Quiz 2006 Archive (and related Sample Questions). Many of them have been clamoring for the 2007 archives. I couldn’t get a full archive, but thanks to Prateek Vijayavargia we could patch together a sampling of questions from the Delhi round. Click here to download the Jack Kilby Science and Technology Quiz 2007 Delhi round archive (PDF, ~950 KB). Hopefully, this should give participants an idea about the quiz. Best of luck for all of you who made it to the national finals this year.

Another quizzing-related news today: DPS VK Quiz Club’s team of Saurabh Chaudhary, Tushar Krishnan, and Aishwarya Gulati won the Japan Quiz! Conducted by Quizcraft, the Japan Quiz is organized by the Japanese Embassy in Delhi. The winners get to go to Japan for a trip next year. This is one-up from our performance last year, when our team were the runners-up. It’s simply great to see that the foundations of the club which were laid down two years back has finally matured. DPS VK sure is on a winning spree!

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@Vishesh: You could analyze that A380 bit on a computer, but I doubt whether it would have been visible on stage. Especially when you’re under a time limit to answer a question.

@prateek: i was at the jap quiz as well…last time around we did qualify but missed out be a whisker this time….especc\ially with the yamamoto question where we wrote asuka, a sub-period and other stuff…….
ab the jk quiz, i’ll put up he 2008 prelims when i get time…..quite a jam-packed schedule up till 20 dec….so …;)
@ankur: amity hasn’t got the CW invite yet…..i called up vivek some days back but all he was doing was having a bath…heard he sprained his ankle.
PS: vivek’s been living in my colony for the last 8 years…i had NO clue about it!

@Agrim – Yes I know u were there…I did see you once, but couldn’t find you anywhere later (After the Prelims).

@Agrim: The invites have been dispatched last week, so it’s surprising you haven’t got it yet. If you want, mail me your school’s email ID and I’ll send a copy from the official Code Warriors email address to it containing the invite. Code Wars is an open invite event, so even if you don’t get the paper invite you can come. Just register online.

@Ankur: You can send it to : [email protected] .
The thing is that I already have the letter and the rules and all from your website – I wanna come for thequiz since I know the answer to the ‘question’ u’ve put in the description of the event. Our principal might send us if we go personally to her or if she gets the letter. We are done with the photoshop thing as well……looong time back. we were making stuff for facebook so we plan to edit it a bit – for the competition and send it. do u want a psd or a jpg??

@Agrim: I’ll send the invite to that ID. We want both PSD and the JPEG in ZIP file. We’ve also mentioned a topic, it’s there on the website. Do ask me about any clarifications! šŸ™‚

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