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Code Wars 2008 Downloads

Post talking about Code Wars 2008 would be coming soon, but first I thought I should go ahead and put the question papers for download. (A lot of people have been waiting for it eagerly.) I won’t do much discussion of the papers here. All of these are zipped files, and contain all stages of the event (wherever applicable).

I would love to have feedback from people on how you think the papers were. Especially the quiz and the crossword (because those were made by me). More discussion on those in my later post.

I’m also uploading some of the best digital imaging entries we received. The topic was ‘Eric Cartman for President 2012’.

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What about Exun,how did Exun perform?

And boy,Exunites sure don’t love you…


hey I am a newcomer to u all
I am Akshat i participated in the surprise event in code wars from DPS SUSHANT LOK we managed to 3rd in that but our school couldn’t win anything else

i was wondering we should get 100 points for coming 3rd in surprise event so our school must have some rank but as i could see it our school didn’t come in the top schools why so???


have a nice day

Hey hi.
I just missed Exun 08 also.But,this time the blame goes to the school authorities who didn’t allow us to go because it was the election day in Delhi,so they didn’t allow us due to security reasons and stuff.

Anyways I commented here to ask you whether you know some organiser from Access 2008 because I need to know something about the rules and regulations about some events.So please let me know if you have some e-mail or blog url of the person I’m looking for.

YEAH many schools werent present because of the election things but why would u want to know about access 2008 it is already over isn’t it?

@Akshat / Manmeet: Access is on 16-17 December. Details are available at

True, many schools didn’t come for Exun because of the election thing. Still, I think many schools blew it out of proportion – when was the last time Delhi elections caused any civil unrest!

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