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The Quiz Blogs Mega RSS Feed

Keeping in touch with the torrents of data generated by quiz blogs (most of them from India) can be quite a task. Quizzing is so popular that there are hundreds of quiz blogs in the blogosphere. Subscribing to these blogs – via RSS readers or email – can get quite messy as there are so many of them. Which why I thought of creating this ‘mega’ feed – one which would contain updates from the most active and reputed quizzing-related blogs.

You can subscribe to Quiz Blogs Mega RSS Feed using an RSS reader or get updates from it delivered to your email inbox. All for free. Now you won’t have to bother any more with managing multiple feed in your RSS reader or your inbox getting flooded with multiple emails.

I’ve created a page for Quiz Blogs Mega RSS Feed on my blog. Check it out for more information on how this project was implemented, and for any updates on its status.

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Hello Ankur! The Quiz content available here is of great heip to me.Great job! Keep it up! I used to get the feeds delivered to my mail account but I seem to have lost access to that particular account. Would it be possible to register the gmail account I mentioned above and start getting the quiz feeds delivered there? I tried the email subscription link on the blog wall but it’s not working. Thanks ever so much.

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