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About a year ago, some of the brightest quizzers in the Delhi school quizzing circuit joined forces to launch – and boy have we come far! is holding its first ever quiz at IIT Delhi on 12th June 2010, and yes, it’s free to attend! You can participate solo, or form a team of up to four people. The moderator team has been putting a lot of effort into this and we hope to have incredibly well-organized and researched quiz this Saturday. I think this will be quite a nostalgic moment, for many who will be moving on to university this year after their class 12th Boards – and this is one event where you can meet up and participate for one last time as school quizzers, conducted by some of the best school quizzers in Delhi.

We had a somewhat false start previously of having monthly quiz archives, but that is being restarted now with our brand-new newsletter (which you can sign up for free here). This will feature monthly ‘best of’ quiz archives, and articles written specially for the newsletter by moderators. It’s not just about quizzing! Given that so many of us are football fans and World Cup season is around, the theme of’s first newsletter is going to be World Cup Football. We’ll be pushing out the first newsletter to all subscribers over this weekend, so do join’s mailing list! traffic (week 11 to week 21, year 2010)

Over the next few weeks as school quizzing season starts, plans to add new features to the website that will attempt to make it even easier for you to stay in touch with quizzing updates, from multiple sources. Among the ideas we have are SMS updates, mobile-friendly site, calendar of upcoming events, etc. We’re open to other suggestions too!

Sometime later this month, we’ll also be holding an informal meetup, where moderators and members can congregate to discuss the future of the website / community. And the community continues to grow! When your members tell you that is more addictive than Facebook, it speaks a lot about the engaging content that the community is creating! You can see that while we are reaching out to a few hundred unique visitors daily, a majority of them spend a lot of time on the site – as evidenced by the breakdown here (shown in time spent per day), or according the number of page views being generated by our visitors. We owe it to you guys!

So come for’s first quiz on June 12, 2010 if you’re in New Delhi. It’s open for all (not just school quizzers), any team combo goes, we’ll have some

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Ankur, great initiative man! Hats off to you for organizing a team of mods and quizzers!
Post School, I’m looking to contribute much more to the forum now.
Oh yeah, I never knew’s traffic is so kickass

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