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Exun 2008 Archive Downloads

Exun 2008 got over around a week back (check out some posts on it by other people) and one of the most asked-for things has been the quiz / crossword archives. Gursartaj was kind enough to hand over the printed copies of the material to Vivek, but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to put those up yet because of practical exams and problems with his computer. Vishesh was nice enought to later send over a copy if the archives. So here you go: download the Exun 2008 Quiz and Crossword Archive (ZIP, ~4.1 MB), which contains all the questions papers of the quiz (both senior & junior) and the crossword event prelims and finals. Exun 2008 papers were good and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did watching it.

Another thing which people have been asking me a lot about lately is on how to prepare for the TCS IT Wiz Quiz to be held on 11th December at IIT Delhi. (I’d have loved to come down and see this one too, but I won’t be in town at that time.) For starters, it’s essential to know the basics. There isn’t much time until the day of the event however, so the method described earlier simply cannot work within this short space of time. Instead, what you can do is go through’s archive of computer quizzes. Doing that should give you an idea of some of the most basic computer history stuff. Once that is done, spend your remaining time reading up news articles from either of these two sources – PC World or Ars Technica. Go for the former if you aren’t that highly experienced with tech quizzing, since it provides its articles with background perspective required for a beginner. Go for the latter if you already have a base in tech quizzing. Point to note is, Ars Technica will be overkill for the TCS IT Wiz standards, but when you already know a bit of tech then reading through PC World kind of stuff aimed at laymen will quickly induce boredom.

TCS IT Wiz is a quiz which has damn simple questions. Your task is NOT to get the maximum number of questions right, but to get the minimum number of questions wrong. It’s about making the least number of slip-ups. Be nice folks. Click pictures and compile a few questions so that I can come back and have a look at ’em.

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Hey ankur
Thanks a lot for this added advice….
when you say ‘get minimum questions right’ do you mean there’ll be MCQs or something?

@Chirag: Minimum questions wrong. I’m saying this because the questions are damn easy, so the team which makes the least number of slip-ups wins.

Nice entry, and excellent tips!
In the quiz, is there a greater focus on current events or past events (history of tech stuff)?

Thank you very much for the papers, I really like you site! On 14th November, I will also have my exuns! Thanx.

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