The Fake Rock Star

You might have seen the new Intel ‘Our rock-stars aren’t like your rock-stars’ campaign on television recently. I find the ad campaign quite amusing. I also felt like praising Intel for highlighting those working behind the scenes to the general public.

Watch the first Intel rock-stars ad

The first ad in this campaign supposedly features Ajay Bhatt, co-creator of the USB standard. Alas, it’s too much to expect Intel to be truthful. Turns out that Intel hired actors to impersonate its ‘rock-stars’ – and that too the actor looks nothing like the actual guy!

I don’t know what Intel was thinking. Sooner or later this fact had to come out. And when it has now, I’m sure this is going to turn into a major public relations disaster for Intel. The whole point of the ad campaign was about showcasing their top researchers. If that’s precisely what they are not doing, the ad campaign loses its sheen.

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what are u saying?? really? too bad..i was discussing this ad with my dad an hour ago and i said this is a really cool concept..alas the ad world fooled us yet again..

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